Life Begins
at The End of Your
Comfort Zone

Changing Dynamics

We Believe in Developing Relationships with Tenants

As one of New York’s most forward thinking real estate firms, JTRE has created a successful foundation built on a desire, dedication and passion for the industry. “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone,” states JTRE’s visionary founder Jack Terzi. By breaking down the typical broker/client barriers, Terzi and his team labor tirelessly to understand the wants and needs of their clientele.

We Are Different

JTRE distinguishes itself from other firms by offering expertise in landlord and tenant representation in the commercial, retail, and industrial fields. Some agencies might be capable of managing at least one of these aspects of real estate, but JTRE also specializes in property assessment, marketing services and negotiating tactics. Ingrained within the DNA makeup of the company, the team works to provide for each client from every single angle possible.

We Foster Relationships

Thanks to an extensive relationship with New York City landlords and brokers, JTRE has its finger on the pulse of the newest acquisitions, dispositions, lease executions and availabilities. What is the end goal? The JTRE team wants to facilitate growth and enhance opportunities for each client by finding every business the optimal home. At JTRE, there is no such thing as “one-time deals,” the aim is to create business relationships that last a lifetime.